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At Labrador, we welcome you in a completely natural environment. Enter our world surrounded by avocado, coffee, and mango trees. The Koi carp pond’s a symbol of friendship, peace and tranquility. Labrador’s a timeless place. We’re rustic, retro, stylish, and familiar. You’ll feel the same simple warmth and friendliness of a return to the family home.

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The place, the pleasure of sitting at a table, the search for ancient authentic flavours, light cuisine of extraordinary taste, absolute quality ingredients treated simply, gastronomic thrills without the frills.

Located in the stunning village of Montaña La Data, the Italian restaurant LABRADOR’s a restaurant very much at home in its setting. Experience unforgettable sensations which seemed hopelessly lost in the mists of time.

The culture of the delicacy has always been one of the most important means of communication between human beings. From christenings to weddings, food and the table have always accompanied our life in the most serene and happy moments. In LABRADOR, we capture the essence of this union, recreating in these quiet spaces, in the most homely way possible, the old Italian flavours. The fusion between the noble passion, tradition and fantasy, between food and wine most fine.

There’s a mythology about LABRADOR. For more than 40 years, this place has been associated with meat prepared on the grill. With the passage of time, such tradition ensures a product of exceptional quality.

The LABRADOR is a place where the chef can be seen at home in the kitchen, where guests can admire the art of preparing dishes in an intimate atmosphere, where large plants create a wonderful landscape, and the water sweet melodies.

The LABRADOR utilizes seasonal produce with its menus changing accordingly. You’ll appreciate the bread, pasta, and desserts, which are all made on the premises.

In order to give you the best quality, we don’t make food in advance but to order. So make yourself comfortable, enjoy the environment, and forgive us the slight delay.

Trees are poems written on the sky by Earth… Save them..!!

LABRADOR is totally made with recycled materials and with maximum respect for environment.



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The Labrador’s restaurant is located on Calle Felo Monzon 12, Montaña la Data.

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